Gift Packages | The wines of our Tuscany Resort under the Xmas tree


Share the scents of your holiday in Tuscany

This year put the wines of  Villa Cassia di Baccano Tuscany Resort under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is approaching and we want to make you taste the flavors of our territory. Our resort has a strong link with local products and Tuscan cuisine, which we try to show to all our guests. We do it by delighting in our restaurant, or by recommending high-level sensory experiences around the structure.

To celebrate this Christmas we have created two exclusive gift packages with our fine wines.

If you have already stayed in our resort you can relive your holiday in Tuscany bringing back memories and unique feelings, and share them with the people you love.

If you have not yet given yourself the pleasure of a holiday at Villa Cassia di Baccano you will be able to discover the deepest scents and essences of our land.

Chianti DOCG
Villa Cassia di Baccano

6 bottles

€ 100

Shipping Included

Chardonnay Bianco Toscano “White Gold”

6 bottles

€ 90

Shipping Included

From all our staff best wishes for a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year

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