Arezzo and Valdarno: all the places you must see


Art and villages of the Valdarno to visit from our Resort near Arezzo


Our resort in Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo, is within walking distance of many wonderful tourist attractions, sometimes not known as they deserve. With this article we want to take you to the discovery of these hidden treasures.


Only 20 km from our resort, Arezzo is an ancient city, even more than Alexandria of Egypt! A thriving center already in Etruscan and Roman times, in the Middle Ages it developed an important artistic and cultural heritage, of which the marvelous frescoes by Piero della Francesca in the Duomo are testified. In the center of Arezzo you will fall in love with its appearance and its medieval structure. Among the great traditions of the city stands the Giostra del Saracino, medieval knight tournament and exciting historical re-enactment that takes place on the penultimate Saturday of June and the first Sunday of September in Piazza Grande.

Among the artistic attractions not to be missed are the majestic Loggiato Vasariano, the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici, the Parish Church of Santa Maria and the Basilica of San Domenico, where a Cimabue cross is kept.

Not only art: in the center of the city you will find many shops, restaurants and bars: Arezzo is an effervescent place, an unmissable stop that we always recommend to our hotel guests who visit Tuscany.


The villages of the Valdarno

With just a few minutes drive from our resort you can visit the villages of the Valdarno, among the most beautiful in Italy.

A stone’s throw from Villa Cassia di Baccano, Loro Ciuffenna is one of the most characteristic: here is the oldest water mill in Italy and its houses, placed above the ravine of the Ciuffenna torrent, give life to an extremely impressive view.

In the neighborhood, Il Borro rises above a real spur, and is one of the most significant and exclusive of Tuscany. Completely renovated, here the centuries never seem to have passed.

San Giovanni Valdarno, birthplace of the great artist Masaccio, is the most central and important village in the valley. Absolutely not to be missed are the Palazzo d’Arnolfo and the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Not far away is Montevarchi, another important village in the Valdarno, known for the unusual plants of its historic center, which recalls the shape of an almond: among its main attractions the Collegiata and the Cassero stand out.

Finally in Figline Valdarno, in the province of Florence, but not far from our resort you can admire the Collegiata di Santa Maria and the monastery of the Holy Cross of the Augustinians.

Our journey is over but the attractions are so many that we could write a book. For this, if you want to deepen further, we recommend to visit specialized web sites.

If you are interested in outdoor activities that can be done in the area read our guide.

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